Stress management techniques are a vital part of modern day living. Our lives have become so fast-paced that we find ourselves under enormous pressure to maintain a balance. Fortunately, there are methods that we can adopt that allow us to maintain posture and enhance our overall physical feelings, despite our hectic lifestyles. Using the WHY STRESS MORE relaxation programme will help you cope with these stresses and, over time, will also improve your physical wellbeing.

Research has proven that by not controlling your stress levels, you leave yourself open to attack by many illnesses and diseases. The strain that we put on ourselves by not controlling stress can create a strong physical reaction that is not dissimilar to the fight or flight instinct. Our bodies and minds are literally tricked into believing that an encroaching deadline, being stuck in a traffic jam or even visiting a Doctor are equivalent to being chased by a wild animal.

We can help you to control these thoughts and physical reactions with the stress management techniques offered by using our WHY STRESS MORE App.




We guarantee that this app. will assist you and you will feel an immediate and long lasting difference. The basic principles of relaxation are not taken as being important anymore and, more often than not, are not even considered as a part our daily routine.

The health, performance, and stress management benefits that are essential to us all form part of the “WHY STRESS MORE?” program and will assist in rebalancing and renewing your general well-being.



Our “WHY STRESS MORE?” program uses powerful visual imagery and body awareness exercise techniques to reduce stress. These form part of an autogenic relaxation stress reduction technique. Combined with this, we will link a progressive muscle relaxation process, focusing on areas of extreme muscle tension, and will help you become more aware of your physical sensations.

This program will guide you using techniques involving the repeating of words or suggestions that will ultimately help you relax and reduce muscle tension. You will imagine visiting peaceful places and focus on controlled, relaxed breathing, slowing your heart rate. You will experience different mental and physical sensations during the program that will aid you to switch off to your surroundings.


Our final stress relaxation process is visualization, where you will use as many senses as you can, including smells, sights, sounds and textures.
Everything you need to know to manage your stress is included in this stress management mobile application.





  1. Fewer physical ailments, such as headaches and back pain
  2. Fewer emotional responses, such as anger and frustration
  3. More energy
  4. Improved concentration
  5. Improved ability to handle problems



  1. Stress is the same for everybody.
  2. Stress is always bad for you.
  3. Stress is everywhere, so you can't do anything about it.
  4. Only major signs of stress require attention.


You will no longer be challenged by the demands of stress, and you should feel more relaxed as a result.

If you follow these instructions for stress management relief, you should find yourself being more productive and having a fuller life.



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